Digital Storyteller via video, audio, and games

Digital storyteller via video, audio, and games.



I create videos, animated motion graphics, original music, and digital experiences.

Currently, I'm a creative director at a digital agency called 24GMy role is to design to new technology and video productions for large brands such as Guess, United Way, Spotify, Nike, and Google; sometimes for events like CES, SXSW, and E3. 

I also founded, a company that produces explainer videos. We empower organizations to communicate as effectively as possible.




Snapchat Scavenger Hunt - With 24G, I designed this app, created a mockup video, and helped successfully pitch it to Chevy, who purchased the activation for use in all their 2017-2018 autoshows across the US. (You can even try it for yourself, if you happen to be in downtown Detroit at the Renaissance Center!)

The Cost of Living - This is a digital simulation made with 24G and United Way of Southeast Michigan. You use your own device as a controller while you role play someone who's struggling to make payments on basic necessities. I designed this experience and created the animations, music, and voice overs. Try this with friends and family. - I founded a company that creates explainer videos; ones that illustrate a new product, service, or idea for a company, or ones that highlight a high-impact need for a non-profit or community foundation.

Guess Eyewear - I directed, edited, and animated this video mockup of an app presented for bid to Guess. The video helped successfully sell the job and it is currently in development. - This is a show I created about the culture, design, and joy of video games, and the positive impact they have on our society. Watch it on YouTube, or listen to it wherever you get your podcasts.

"A Minecraft Creation" - a short film that combines filmic cinematography and original sound and music with the world of Minecraft. I created this together with artist and animator Remington Markham.

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