VIDEO games

I design multiplayer video games that are played on a big screen where players join in using their own device. Once I work with the client to design the game’s scope and objectives, I work with a team of programmers and designers to build, test, and deploy the games.


The Cost of Living - An award-nominated digital simulation built for United Way of Southeastern Michigan. Designed as an empathy-building tool, The Cost of Living gives players an idea of what it's like to make tough decisions with limited resources. It teaches players about the kind of work United Way does for the community and the people they serve. Read about the design process for this project here.

CrowdPlay Sport - Rapid-fire sports-themed games designed to be played by hundreds at events or thousands at stadiums and arenas. Try it for yourself at You can listen to the music from the game here.

Amazon: The Candidate - Created for Amazon’s workforce training team, this game helps foster empathy for the people that apply to work at Amazon’s warehouse positions. It puts you in the shoes of someone going through the hiring process, and assigns you different roles and challenges that real people face every day. You can listen to the music from the game here.


Food Quest - Up to 8 friends join in to start a food truck and go a food adventure! The game is inspired by Oregon Trail with an 8-bit visual and music aesthetic. You can listen to the music from the game here.